Lost Soul

Do you ever reach a certain point in your life when it feels like everything is going good, but you don’t deserve it? Even though deep down you know you do. I’m an expert at self sabotage, ever since a young age. I never believed I was worthy of the happiness that was given to me. Reaching 20 years old was something I never thought would happen, I wasn’t ever able to see that I could overcome the darkness that crowded my life. I’m still working on it, day by day. Right now, I’m feeling like a lost soul. A lost soul stuck in limbo slowly but surely being pulled into many different directions.

Its never an easy path to try and figure out if you’re lost or just feeling lost. Our passions, our hopes and our dreams they start to fade. They start to feel like distant memories among the rest of the darkness and it just feels like we are fading. I’m never one to just highlight the positives because there is so much more to life. There is always the negativies to balance out our journeys, our lessons and our stories. Are we really lost? or are we just finding ourselves. This year alone I was convinced my dreams were stupid and that they would never come true. I was wrong, they are only in motion but with big dreams? there comes big responsibilities.

We need to loose ourselves in order to find ourselves, yet we must never loose focus on who we are. I have so much to write about, I have so much of my story left to tell but that’s who I was.. not who I am now. Right now, the story I will forever tell until the right time? the future is inevitable. People live, people die and people fade away. You can take so many different paths but in the end the end result is the same. There are no short cuts in life, although it may seem like there is. There is not, every corner you turn you are faced with yet another problem to solve. You have the strength, you can do it and no matter how many other people believe in you? If you don’t believe in yourself you will become a lost soul. Use the strength of others who believe in you, as a force of good.

We are worthy, we are so much more than our darkness and we are all destined for great things. Every lost soul once belonged to a human with a story to tell, some got to tell theirs and others never. Tell your story and set your soul free. Everyone will be judged by someone, it’s a part of life and we can’t keep everyone happy! Look past the judgement and know your story will help more people than you’ll ever know.




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