Let’s talk about health..

A lot of people still have not come to terms with the fact that mental health and physical health, is linked. Last year I spent the entire year sick, in and out of the hospital and barely ever able to breathe. I was constantly throwing up, my immune system was failing and at one point I believed I was going to die. My body was shutting down, so was my brain. It took so much fighting to get through last year. Let me talk you through it!

If our bodies are sick, we need to let them heal. We need to take time and relax and not stress in order to get back on our feet. We understand that, everyone seems to understand when it comes to physical health. Why is our mental health any different? I was very stubborn last year and I didn’t look after my mental health or my physical health. Yes, I gave up. My mind wasn’t giving me the control I needed to get out of bed and do my exercises for my breathing, my walking and my health in general. My body then just got worse, I wasn’t eating, staying hydrated or doing very much. It was the day an old best friend of mine had to call me an ambulance. My entire body was shutting down, an infection had spread and I couldn’t breathe or move.

I remember sitting in the hospital thinking why didn’t I go to my doctor appointments? Why didn’t I let them run the tests? Why didn’t I just go and tell them I was sick? I had so many different things running through my mind. It was scary, I couldn’t understand why i did this to myself. I didn’t look after myself in the slightest, I stayed in my bed and I watched as I practically disappeared. In order for our bodies to function fully to their potential, our minds have to be in sync. If you are feeling sluggish, sick and just bleh your mind is going to be reacting to that. In the past when I was sick my depression was like one massive black hole, it felt like I was just being sucked in.

It wasn’t until January 2017 that I really turned my life around. I cut out all the excess sugar that I used to eat, I cut out unnecessary fats and I drank nothing but fresh juices, smoothies, milk and water. I knew that I had to start treating my body right if I wanted my mind to heal. In order for my mind to heal, my body had to heal. Our minds are apart of who we are, we have to look after them as much as our bodies. I started my health journey and my fitness journey on the 3rd of January, I have been altering it and living by it since. I did start out by cutting out all the junk and the bad food cold turkey, if you don’t know what that means it basically means I just stopped.

That method NEVER lasts, one day you will have a massive blow out where you will binge and keep on binging. It is never a case of starting again the next day, you start where you left off. I soon began to realise what worked for my body and what didn’t, I then began to realise i was a lot stronger than I knew. Following my monthly plans, which I will share soon! I have not been sick this year. I had food poisoning for about 3 days but I’m just thankful it didn’t last longer!! Our bodies need sugar and bad food sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing quantities. You’re not going to gain back all the weight you lost by indulging one night!! In order for any health plan to work, you need balance.

It’s incredibly important to get check ups at your doctors and to go for full body tests. Just to be on the safe side to know that your body has everything it needs! The same for our minds. Attend your therapist appointments, work on your body image, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful! Naked or not naked you know that’s your choice hehe. Remind yourself of the strength that is within. You want to go to McDonalds for dinner? You go to McDonald’s!! KFC, BURGER KING or any fast food place. Go and enjoy your food!! just make sure it’s on a cheat day. Cheat days are incredibly good for giving us balance, we work all the way up to our cheat days and we can indulge!!

YOU WILL NOT GAIN WEIGHT BACK FROM INDULGING, YOU WILL NOT RETURN TO BEING UNHEALTHY OVER NIGHT. Wow P, why the caps? because it’s an important statement. A lot of the time people deprive their bodies of things it needs to function, all because they have been misinformed that certain things are bad for them. Everybody is different, everyone has different body types and different lifestyles but at the end of the day? If you are filling your body with food that makes you feel sick, you have ate too much or you have been binging all day you are going to feel down. Your moods are going to be low and you’re not going to be feeling good. Give yourself that ice cream, chocolate (dark is good for our bodies), crisps (baked crisps are amazing), or sweets in general or order that pizza!!

Comfort food is not a bad thing!! It’s nothing to be ashamed of, I still to this day enjoy my days where I eat goodies. Just make sure you swap at least one item with a healthy alternative, have fruit somewhere in there. (Don’t swap out the pizza you’re not satan!!!) there is so much more on this subject I want to talk about, I feel it’s long enough. It’s also a story I haven’t really shared with anyone, so this is it. If you are interested in my plans I will be sharing them on my instagram and on here!! and no, I’m not going to charge anyone to help with their health. Remember, food is our friend not our enemy and you are BEAUTIFUL. ❀️


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